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Amazing experience with Norman yesterday!  I had my daughters dressed as Carl and Daryl.  They are two and three years old.  I had made a poncho from Norman and since my oldest daughter helped me make it, I told her she could give it to him.  She carried on for days that she was going to meet Daryl, and give him a hug, and give him a present.  She did all three! 

Norman loved the poncho!   I asked if he got to keep the one from the set and he said he tried but they wouldn’t let him. 

My youngest daughter is autistic and non-verbal.  When it came time for pics, Norman asked if he could pick one of them up.  She doesn’t normally take kindly to strangers messing with her but she had absolutely no problem with Daryl Dixon! 

By the time we got to see Norman, it was insanely hot in the room and my hair was destroyed(naturally curly) so my pic with him didn’t come out that great but all the great pics I got of him with them makes up for it. 

Thanks Norman!  I guarantee she will talk about it for weeks.  Especially on Sundays while we are waiting for “Daryl” to come on. 

Oh and before I get flamed, I don’t let her watch the real gory parts.  :)

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